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Songs, Yells, Chants

Who Says You Can't Become a Conductor? - We included this link first in our Song-Links collection for obvious reasons! Sometime or other, every Scouter is called upon to conduct a sing song. And that's easy, you just say, "One, two, three sing!", right? Well, unless the song is three beats to a bar and starts off on beat one, you may find yourself trying to lead chaos.
Songs from Campfire Chaos - Action Songs, quiet songs, Cub songs, and Beaver songs including: The Ants, Pizza Hut, Boom Chick a Boom, Black Crow Sprit, Old MacDonald, Alice the Camel, The Elephant, The Chicken Song, Gopher Guts, March in the Army, Splat, My Bonnie, Canoe Song, Scout Vespers, Make New Friends, We're All Together Again, Tarzan Song, Charlie is a pigeon, Little Cabin, Grey Squirrel, I'm a little Beaver, The Cat Came Back, and more!
Songs for Scouts - Macscouter - The MacScouter Songs for Scouts collection has grown quite large. It has now expanded beyond Gross Songs to include some good old Campfire Songs, silly songs and chants and songs for Leaders. The Campfire Songs included here are ones that are not that easy to find. Also, you may NOT find some very familiar songs here. Turns out that lots of songs we sing around the campfire are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on a Web Site. While you are visiting MacScouter, stop by the MacScouter's Bookstore. if you're looking for camping and youth group songbooks.
The Guide Zone Songbook! - GuideZone - Included in these pages are a vast number of songs, gathered from all over the globe. They are broken down into the following catagories: Introduction and Warm-up songs, Rounds, Silly Action Songs, Yells, Chants and Repeating Songs, Other Silly Songs, Slower Songs, Guiding-Themed Songs, Miscellaneous Songs, Graces, Vespers and Closings You are welcome to print these songs from the GuideZone web-site, of downloaded to your local computer. The downloads are each in a ZIP compressed text file that can be viewed and printed from most any application.
Jayne's Song Book - From Jayne Nielsen of the Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club, this collection of 64 songs are indexed by: Opening Songs, General Songs, Action Songs, Rounds, Shouts, Guide's Own, Quiet Songs, and Closing Songs These songs are good ones for Cubs!
The Lakewood Children's Songbook - From Nick DiFlavio, of Niagara University in western New York, an excellent songbook for Cub Scouts! Over 110 songs for Cubs and sibs to sing around the campfire, or in a Pack (or Den) meeting. Songs are indexed alphabetically.
The Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page - This is a searchable index of the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database, containing over 6500 songs! Type in the name of the song you're looking for, and WHOOP there it is!
Songs for Scouts to Sing - This collection, compiled by Neil B. Savage, contains words to songs that reflect time-honored singing traditions of various Scout organizations in English-speaking nations. It omits songs with lyrics that are closely identified with a specific Scout organization, focusing instead on those would appeal to any sort of Scout or Guide, boy or girl. Songs are catgorized by: Universal Scout Songs, Action songs, Silly songs, Songs of the Sea, Reverent songs, Graces, Songs with Biblical themes, Heritage songs, and Patriotic songs.
More Songs for Scouts to Sing - This the second volume of words to songs that reflect time-honored singing traditions of various Scout organizations in English-speaking nations. As with the first volume, it is short on songs with lyrics that are specific to a particular Scout organization, focusing instead on those would appeal to any sort of Scout or Guide, boy or girl. Songs are catgorized by: Action songs, Friendship, Love, and Peace songs, National Anthem, Rounds and Part songs, Silly songs, Traditional, and Western songs.
For Scouts' Own - A "Scouts Own" is an inspirational ceremony, usually built around a central theme, such as friendship, world peace, save the earth, or appreciation of the world around us. Neil Savage has collected 87 "Scouts Own's" that are documented on these pages. Just about any topic consistent with the principles and program goals of Scouting is appropriate. The important thing is that it be the work of the kids themselves---from start to finish. Developed originally for Girl Scouting, many of these pieces are universal, and translate well into Cub Scouting.
Campfire Song Book - From the South African Scouting Collection - An excellent collection of over 100 International Scouting songs. Songs are catagorized by: Traditional campfire - serious, Scouts own, Traditional campfire - religious, Action songs, Call-and-response, Everyone knows it, classics, Old classics, Teams of verses, Rounds, Easy to catch on, Audience adds verses, Classic childrens songs, Silly variations, Americana, Scout camp songs, Almost crude but not, Crude songs, Joseph, It ain't gonna rain no more, Well you can't get to heaven,Pop songs, Gross songs, Spoken, Skit songs, Party pieces, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika, Simon & Garfunkel, Serious Pop, Classic Pop, Sad Songs,
Scouting Songbook - From the Jim Speirs Scouting Page in Ontario Canada, this is a VERY vast collection! Jim says: "This Songbook is a compilation of songs that I have collected over the years, either from training handouts, local publications, and a couple of old Scout songbooks that came into my possession. I really didn't realize how many there were until I started to index them all. It has been supplemented by songs from Rob Quianthy's web site, which, sad to say, is no longer operating. All is not 'lost', however... Rob sent me copies of all of his collection, so I've converted his files to my format and included them here. :)"
Tiger Cub Songs - From the great folks at Pow Wow OnLine - Resources for Cub Scout Leaders, these songs are just for Tigers! All time hits include: "Tiger, Tiger, Little Scout, Good Tiger Cubs, T-I-G-E-R, and of course Tiger Cub Vespers.
Mike Pierce's Songbook - A nice collection of Scouting songs compiled by Mike Pierce of Wichata, KS, Songs are catagorized by: Action Songs, Traditional Songs, Scouting Songs, Camp Specific Songs, Patiotic Songs, National Anthem, Songs to Battle Hymn Tune, Inspirational Songs, Reverent Songs, Rounds, Silly Songs, Miscelanious Songs, and Acknowledgements
Campfire Sing-Along - From Cottage Country Online, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this site contains 72 alpha-indexed, Cub approved songs. As they wax poetic.... "The warmth of flame on sun-drenched skin, and the sweet melody of voices rising up into a star-bright sky . . . the fireside sing-along marks the end of a perfect cottage day! For many of us the tune is unforgettable, but the words may fade with time. We hope this collection of old favourites will help spark some happy memories for you."
Scout Song Book - US Scouting Service Project - Compiled by Rick Rambo, Portland, OR, this is a large collection consisting of 110 songs. Rick says: "This Song book was created in an effort to get my troop to be more interested in singing, as a part of my Woodbadge ticket. I used PC Write when I was creating the book, so some reformatting might be necessary if you want to use the whole book, but you might just want to use it as a resource for more songs for your unit."
Nederlands Talige Song Pagina - From the Woudlopers/R. Kipling groep in Holland, this large collection offers both a 'frames' and 'no-frames' version of the song-book. The focus here is songs for older Scouts, but there are some good ones for Cubs too. The site contains 105 songs that are indexed alphabetically. Not all of these songs are in English, but hey, not all Scouts speak English either! Check 'em out!
Grant's Scouting Songbook - From Grant O'Neil in Perth, Australia, this is an excellent collection of over 50 songs for Scouts. Grant has taken Scout Song-sites to a new level, as well, by adding AUDIO for most of the songs in his collection (MIDI or WAV plug-in required)! Songs are indexed by the following catagories: Traditional Scouting Songs, Opening, Action Songs, Rounds, Lively, Fun, Quieter - for near the end, Closing, Miscellaneous (Skits etc.)
Campfire Cheers from The Virtual Campsite - A giant list of cheers for your Pack Cheer-master. These cheers are short and sweet. They are great for bringing your group together, recognizing someone for a job well-done, and waking up your 'sleepers.'
Cheers, Yells and Applause's - More great work from "The Virtual Campsite" as compiled by Daniel R. Mott, Roundtable Staff District 23, West Jordan, Utah (With a couple contributions by Gary Hendra, Pack 105, Milpitas, CA) "Applause stunts are a great way to recognize a person or den/patrol in a troop/pack meeting for some accomplishment they have performed. Be sure before you start that everyone knows and understands the applause stunt and how to do it. Applause stunts serve more then one purpose they not only provide recognition but also help liven up a meeting. Applause stunts need to be fun. Strive for quality of performance in your stunts.
Lullabies and Other Songs for Children - From Terry Frewin, Victoria, Vancouver, Canada, this collection includes over 520 (!) songs. This is a nice collection for younger Scouts. All songs are indexed alphabetically, and each song is displayed on it's own page to facilitate printing. Nice job, Terry!
Songs from the Scouters Belay - From Jeff Menaker, in the Cradle of Liberty Council in Pennsylvania, this nice collection has it's roots in the Delmont Scout Reservation's 1996 Songbook. It has been updated and added to over the years, and now contains dozens of songs that are alphabetically indexed. Included are: Action Songs, Traditional Songs, Scouting Songs, Patriotic Songs, Songs with Battle Hymn Tune, Silly Songs, Gross Songs, Cheers, Run ons, and short skits. Nice job!

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