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Stories, Lore, and Assorted Yarns

Campfire Tales - Visit ScoutNet UK's "Campfire Tales" site for a unique campfire experience! Visitors to this page actually BECOME PART OF THE CAMPFIRE TALE! This interactive "yarn spinning" site allows you to add to a campfire tale-in-progress. The results are always a surprise! So......"Come sit by the fire, and let us weave tales of wonder and imagination" AWESOME!!
Stories for Scouts - From the MacScouter mega-site, here is a growing resource of stories suitable for young people, families, Cub Scout Pack meetings and campfires. The young kids like the Shaggy Dog Stories, but don't usually "get it", while the parents groan over the punch lines. There are ghost stories and mysteries here also.
Native American Lore from Stonee's Web-Lodge - Over 130 wonderful (and spiritual) stories rooted in Native American lore. To compliment the fantastic story-telling content (and set the mood), the site is full of cool Native American artwork. This work has been selected as a "Valuable Internet Resource" for Discovery Channel School's Discover Magazine, and is a MUST for all Cub Scout Leaders!
Nuggets of Fact and Fiction - Shrouded in myths and legends, the Klondike Gold Rush attracted tens of thousands of drifters and dreamers of the late nineteenth century. It was triggered by newspaper coverage during an era of sensationlist journalism. This information might have been fact or fiction. It didn't matter to the 100,000 stampeders who set out immediately for the Klondike. And ever since, the Klondike Gold Rush has been shrouded in mythology. Here are a few "nuggets of fact and fiction" surrounding the Gold Rush. Sourdoughs and Cheechakos, Skookum Jim, Martha Louise Black, Diamond Toothe Gertie, The Cremation of Sam McGee, The Bishop Who Ate His Boots, Chilkoot Trail Supplies, and Belinda Mulroney Not guarenteed for all audiences. Check 'em out!
Native American Story And Philosophy Resources - Links to over 50 on-line mega-resources for Native American lore and story-telling. There are some GREAT stories here. But beware, once you start reading these, it'll be tough to stop! This collection is hosted by Native Tech. Their site is an excellent resource for Scouters that respect and revere the history, and traditions of the native peoples of the America's.
Myths and Legends for American Indian Youth - Site designer Paula Giese says: Aadizookaan -- means (in Anishinaabemowin, or Ojibwe language) "a traditional story", what anthros and others seem to like calling legends or myths. These are -- or in their original, were -- often sacred. Those represnt large themes of human existence: where we came from, how we should live, reconcilliation to the tragedies of life, thankfulness There are smaller stories: teaching, humorous, answering "Why?" questions about natural phenomena and behavior. Finally, traditional indigenous peoples had no TV, no books; stories were entertainment, too."
Stories and Storytelling - Yet another masterpiece from Steve Tobin's "The NetWoods Virtual Campsite." It includes: "Campfire Stories Handbook - A large collection of stories from many sources. Story Telling Effectively - How-to Tips. How to Use Stories - Here's how stories can be used in a variety of situations, with some good story examples. Shaggy Dog Story - Here's a genuine shaggy dog for your next campfire. Stories from American Indian cultures. The Bear's Tail. The Buffalo and the Mouse. Story of 3 Sioux Scouts." Pretty AWESOME stuff!
Storytelling Resources - These pages are dedicated to the art of Storytelling. There are many uses for this term, but for the purposes of this page, we are talking about the artform of the oral tradition where a teller imparts story before one or more listeners. On this site, you will find information about several excellent organizations as well as events and trends in storytelling. There will also be links to other storytelling resources, such as other storytelling Web pages and story sources on the Internet.

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