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Skits for the Den and Pack

"Cub Scout Skits For You And Me" - An anthology of over 65 Pow Wow skits collected over the years by Jean Poulton of the Eagle District, Otetiana Council, BSA. This collection was documented by Frank Bov, and placed into the public domain. Clicking the above link will download a MS Word format version of it to your machine from the USSSP FTP site. Other versions in PDF and RTF formats can be perused for possible download by clicking here!
Skits for Scouts - From the MacScouter, "Skits for Scouts" has been completely revised and now features The MacScouter's Big Book of Skits which can be viewed (and also downloaded for your own use!) Also included here are theme skits, leader skits, walk-on's and links to related sites. Are you looking for books on skits and plays? Visit the MacScouter's Bookstore while you're there.
Campfire Stunt and Skit Book - An on-line collection of 45 campfire skits presented on the Jim Speirs Scouting Page. All of these skits and more (250 total) have been compiled into a booklet as a fund-raising activity for the 5th Thornhill Scout Troop in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. To get the book click here.
Campfire Skits from Scouts Australia - This Australian collection of 30 skits includes stunts and sketches that were collected from the Xerox scouting distribution list and contains items from leaders in America and in England. Included are: The Trees, Be Prepared, Napoleon's Last Farewell, The nut house, The Little Green Ball, Club Foot, The Magic Doctors Chair, Three Scout Leaders, The Submarine Captain, Smoke Signals, The Nutty Fisherman, Camp Coffee Sketch, We're Going On Safari, and many, many more!
"The Skit Library" - A Compendium of Skits from various sources presented on the Unofficial Scouts Canada - Greater Toronto Region Web page. This vast library is presented alphabetically, with a menu allowing user specified selections.
Skits from Grants Scouting Songbook - A collection of "run ons" or short skits that can be used as fillers in campfires or in many other occasions. Also included are longer skits that include: The Enlarging Machine, The Submarine, Is It Time Yet?, and Yapoocha
Campfire Sketches - A collection of skits from the Campfire Chaos Web-site. Included are: Paul Smith, Suicide, Donkey, Bus, Six a Side, Father Ted on Camp, and Run Ons
Seven Steps to Successful Skits - "A group of boys on stage or around the campfire are putting on a skit. Most of them are inaudible. Those you can hear forget their lines. The punch line is smothered in the actors' giggles. Then there is an embarrassing silence before it dawns on the audience that the thing is over, and a patter of polite applause begins." If this sounds familiar, then you need to read this article by Tom Gray, as published in the Netwoods Virtual Campsite.
Ye Olde Catalogue of Boy Scout Skits - Subtitled "... now where did I put my left-handed smoke shifter ..." This is a nice collection of 47 Boy Scout skits. Some are pretty cool for Cubbies as well.... you decide!
Skit Ideas - A large assortment of skits from the NetWoods Virtual Campsite. Included are: Canned Skits, Quick Skits, "Measurement Problem," Those Wonderful Machines, The Growing Machine, The Hair Cut Machine, A Quiet Day, and a whole bunch more!
More Campfire Skits - Some oldies but goodies, along with some new ones from the NetWoods Virtual Campsite. Some really good ones here!
Campfire Resources - Openings, closings, campfire activities, cheers, and more than 100 skits and their scripts. This link executes a download, and the resultant file is in pkzip format.
Skits and Productions - 22 Campfile and Stage skits that have been submitted to the US Scouting Service Project. Included are: The Lawn Mower, The Submarine, Is It Time Yet, The Doctor's Magic Chair, The Raisin, Dirty Socks, Sergeant and the Private, J.C. Penney, The Lost Quarter, The Short Runway, The Lost Lollipop, A Compass Lesson, Heaven's Gate, Puppy in the Box, New Saw, Measurement Problem, The Dead Body, The Invisible Bench, Go Cart, Fishing and Rowing, The Lighthouse.
120 Skits, Yells & Creative Campfires (FAQ 9-rec.scouting) - This file contains a number of skits and yells collected on rec.scouting and scouts-l, for your own Pack meetings and campfires. While the yells are rarely useable outside of the English-speaking countries, most skits are very easy to translate, and the cubs love them! Also included is a compilation of creative ways to light a campfire. If you use them, be careful not to incite the kids to start playing with liquid fuels. The results can be devastating.

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UseNet Skits Discussions - Search the UseNet discussion groups for 'Cub Scout Skit' ideas. Find that perfect skit!
SCOUTS-L on Scouting Skits - Search the SCOUTS-L archives for topics involving Scouting Skits. SCOUTS-L is the roundtable that never ends, and now contains over 7 years of Scouting discussion wisdom.
Search the Web for Scouting Skits - Search the AltaVista index for Web-sites you can visit, that contain information on 'Cub Scout Skits' ideas.

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