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Skating Award Requirements

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Requirements for
Sports Skating
Belt Loop and Pin
Sports - Skating-
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Cub Scout Sports: Skating

Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts may complete requirements in a family, den, pack, school, or community environment. Tiger Cubs must work with their parents or adult partners. Parents and partners do not earn loops or pins.  

Requirements for the Skating Sports Belt Loop

  1. Explain ways to protect yourself while skating, and the need for proper safety equipment
  2. Spend at least 30 minutes practicing skating skids.
  3. Go skating with a family member or your den for a total of at least three hours. Chart your time.

Requirements for the Skating Sports Pin

Earn the Skating belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:
  1. Participate in a pack or community skating event.
  2. Demonstrate how to care for your skates.
  3. Explain the proper clothing (including any safety equipment) needed for skating.
  4. Find out about some stretching exercises to do as a skating warm-up, and spend at least 10 minutes, on two occasions, practicing them.
  5. Play a game of ice or roller hockey.
  6. Learn how to do two new skating skills in the area of skating you have chosen (traditional or in line roller skating, or ice skating) (e.g., for roller skating, forward scissors and crossover; for ice skating, forward and backward swizzles and glides).
  7. Participate in a skating skills development clinic.
  8. Draw a layout for an ice hockey arena.
  9. Explain skating safety/courtesy rules to your adult partner and always practice them!

General Sports Requirements

Following are the requirements for earning the Sports belts loops and pins.

Belt loops and pins are earned only by Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts (not adults).
The archery and BB-gun shooting belt loops and pins must be earned under BSA range-trained supervision. The BB-gun shooting loop and pin must be earned at a BSA facility range.
Requirements may be adjusted to accommodate the special needs of Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts with disabilities.
Webelos Scouts may earn a belt loop or pin a second time to qualify for Webelos activity badges.
Boys may earn belt loops more than once; however, leaders should encourage boys to try different requirements and earn the pin. Packs should have a clear policy in place about whether the pack or the boy's family is responsible for the cost of awards earned more than once.

Cub-Safe Skating Resources for Kids

New York Road Skaters Association
Winter Sports Foundation - skis, snowboards, sleds, and skates! If it involves being out in the cold, you can find it here!
All About Ice Hockey - basic introduction to hockey's history, its rules, the equipment you need to play, and more.
Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes - history, pictures and facts about baseball, basketball, football, and hockey stadiums.
Milton Winterhawks Minor Atom A Rep Hockey Team - check out the stats on these Canadian kids.
Science of Hockey - ever wondered why ice is slippery?
U.S. Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association Page - a non-profit corporation dedicated to electric wheelchair hockey.
U.S. Field Hockey - official site for the U.S. Field Hockey Association.
Winter Sports Foundation - skis, snowboards, sleds, and skates! If it involves being out in the cold, you can find it here!
Roller Hockey International - schedules, teams and logos, standings and more.
Roller Hockey Magazine - get the latest info on new RH, playing tips, pro coverage, news, events, and lots more.

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