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November 2000

April 2000 November 2000

The Cub Calendar

November 2000

Remember our Heroes...
Celebrate Memorial Day!

May Pack Meeting, Friday, May 12th, 7 PM

Den 9 will be hosting the Pack meeting. Rank advancement, rank graduation and other awards for all dens will be presented on this night. There will a karate demonstration team performing for us.

Memorial Day Parade
Monday, May 29th 10:00 AM

Please come and join the pack in the annual Auburn Memorial Day Parade. A sign up sheet will be available at the May Pack meeting. The meeting place is the 1 Stop Convenience Store on Auburn St. at Rockland Rd. In the past there has been a great turnout and we would like to continue this tradition. The Scouts would be asked to meet in full uniform, at 9:30 AM at the store and bring a water bottle as it will be warm weather by then (we hope!). The boys can be picked up on Central St. in the area of the Hillside Cemetery and St. Edmunds Center at the end of the parade. All Den Leaders and any other interested adults are encouraged to march with the Pack.


Dues money is to be collected by the dens every month. The amount is $5/ boy, of which $3.50 stays with the den to help pay for den activities. $1.50 is given to the pack treasurer, Karen Millay, to help offset awards and badges.

Pawtucket Red Sox Trip, Saturday, June 3rd
6:05 PM
“Note date change!”

Our annual trip to see the PawSox is always a lot of fun. Bring the whole family, everyone is invited. The May Pack meeting will be the last time to sign up for tickets. This game is a special Boy Scout/Cub Scout game. The Pack will be participating in an on the field pre-game flag ceremony. All scouts who wish to be part of the ceremonies must wear their uniforms to the game. Further information with directions and tickets will be available in the next newsletter.

Cub Scout Summer Camping

Every scout should have received a packet from Council on this year’s summer camping programs. If you did not get the information, copies of the forms will be available at the May Pack meeting. The Pack will be contributing $25.00 towards the cost of day camp or overnight camp for each scout who is interested in attending. If anyone has questions concerning any of the summer programs Michael Daigneault will try to answer any and all questions at the May Pack meeting. Anyone who has completed the forms for any of the programs, please bring them to the Pack meeting so they can be submitted to Council as a group.

Battleship Cove Sleepover
June 10th-11th

59 People have signed up to attend, and initial deposits have been made. The only way to be added to the list is as an alternate in case someone else can’t make it. The final payment will be due at the May Pack Meeting. Kellie Malo will be contacting all those who have signed up prior to the Pack meeting to inform them of their balance owed.

Volunteer Needed

We are looking for a volunteer for the position of Pack Treasurer. Karen Millay has recently announced that, after four years as our treasurer she will be stepping down. Words cannot begin to describe the fantastic job Karen has done for the Pack. If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact Michael Daigneault at 832-7451

Bottle & Can Drive
Sat. July 8th 8:30 – 2 Auburn Fire Station

Sat. July 8th 8:30 – 2 PM Please help us raise funds to help support the Pack and all its activities. Come on down and spend a few hours helping out. Lunch and refreshments will be provided courtesy of the Pack. Start saving your returnables now! Sign up sheets will be available at the May Pack meeting.

Family Summer Camping
August 18th – 20th

We are planning to camp at Winter Island in Salem, MA. This is a family event, not just for the scouts. Local attractions included the Salem Witch Museum, New England Pirate Museum, Salem Willows Seaside Park and many more. This campground, the site of an old military fort and Coast Guard base, is right on the Atlantic Ocean with a nice beach. Sign Up and more information at the May Pack meeting.

Summertime Award

For all those boys who attend three out of the four summer events, the PawSox, Battleship Cove, Bottle Drive and Camping, a special award is available. It is called the National Summertime Pack Award. If 50% of the boys in any one den attend each event, the den will receive a den participation ribbon. If 50% of the Pack attends each event the Pack also receives a streamer for our Pack flag. Our Pack has received this award for the last 6 years in a row. Let’s make it 7.

Pack Web Sight

Our web site now up and running!
It is located at

Our site now includes on-line request forms for pins and belt loops as well as criteria for these awards. There is also additional information on ideas for den meetings and “kid friendly” internet sites to assist with different projects. Since this effort will be constantly “under construction”, she will need help with ideas and suggestions. If you would like to help with the web page, or have suggestions, send an email to Jennifer Todd-Whitson at

Pack 121 Leader - Michael Daigneault

The Pack 121 web site is maintained by
Jennifer Todd-Whitson and Kellie Malo

Pack 121 is a member of the
Mohegan Council
19 Harvard St.
Worcester, MA 01609-2870
Phone: 508-752-3768