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Craft Ideas

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Craft Dazzlers for the Cub Scout Meeting

Cub Scout Crafts

Crafts from Guide Zone - From Guide Zone ("Guide's Own") in Canada. Literally hundreds of craft projects that are designed for kids in Scouting and Guiding programs. Check this one out!
Tiger Cub Activities and Crafts - From Pow Wow OnLine - Resources for Cub Scout Leaders, these crafts projects are for Tiger Cubs ONLY. Included are: Gathering Activity - Block Puzzle, Peanut Totem, Totem Pole, Nametag Necklace, Toothpick Name Tag , and a Tiger Tales Scrapbook.
Yahooligan's Craft Sites for Kids - You could spend all day here! Over 25 great websites with crafts projects just for kids!
Ben Franklin Crafts - Here are some great craft ideas you can make at home. Just choose your project and click to see all the instructions and materials list you will need to complete the project. Simply print out the instructions and you will be ready to start.
Aunt Annie's Crafts - Aunt Annie's Crafts takes the craft how-to book one step further by putting it on the computer and taking advantage of the flexibility that the computer offers. - Cool craft projects for kids incliding Paper Bag Puppet, Chalk, Paint, Paper Mache', Play Clay, Colored Sand. Also includes a special Game Area, a Summer Section, a Halloween Section, a Happy Holidays section, Valentine Pages, and an Easter Section.
Craft for and/or by Kids - Created by Jacinta Thomler. Includes over 100 crafts projects for kids. Contentsinclude Play Dough, Heart Lunch Bags, Paper plate Duck Masks, Baskets, Gelatin Hearts, Egg carton Mini-Easter Baskets, Turtles, Heart Sandwiches, Eggshell Mosaic, Star Trees, Milking Party Cow, and Egg Decorating to name just a few.
Michaels Crafts for Kids - Dozens of cool kid's projects including: Fun With Felt, Fun Foam Play Hats, Craft Stick Cuties, Night in the City Fun Mug, Under the Sea Fun Mug, Feather Photo Holder, Kitty Face Fun Button, Rottweiler Fun Button, Maxwell's Paper Roses, Color Weave Projects, Beaded Flag and Cross Necklace, Two-Way Picture, Rainbow Banner, Stars & Stripes Tee & Cap, Button Game, Spoon Puppets, Pop-Up Cards, Tic Tac Tote, Fishing Fun, Pencil Top Pals, Tri-Bead Clown, Critters, Fun Canvas Bags, Fun Time Magnets, Puppets In The Bag, Fun Foam Desk Set, Bunny Cup, Bunny Face, Potted Posie-Os, Stained Glass Potted Candle, Breezy Windsock, and Visor and Frame.
Idea Box - This site is dedicated to the education of young children. It contains crafts and craft recipes, ideas, articles, projects, seasonal themes, and printable pages; all to help teach your children in a fun and interesting way! A really GREAT site!
Craft Recipies - The "Jim Speirs Scouting Page" presents this large collection of 'Craft Recipies' that utilize food stuffs and safe household ingredients. All of these recipes (and at least 100 more) will be available in booklet format. Details are available on this page.

Search the Net for MORE Scouting Crafts!

UseNet Crafts Discussions - Search the UseNet rec.scouting and alt.crafts discussion groups for 'Cub Scout Craft' ideas. Share your ideas with others. Lots of info here!
SCOUTS-L on Scouting Crafts - Search the SCOUTS-L archives for topics involving Scouting Crafts. SCOUTS-L is the roundtable that never ends, and now contains over 7 years of Scouting discussion wisdom.
Search the Web for Scouting Crafts - Search the AltaVista index for Web-sites you can visit, that contain information on 'Cub Scout Crafts' ideas.

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